A Big Announcement!

Hello everyone!

I know I have not been the most prolific blogger. In truth, when I set up the OxVox site, my main objective was to create a static resource, and the blog is mostly just a way to and answer readers’ questions, respond to other bloggers, etc. However, I’m going to make an effort, going forward, to post at least once per month, even if it’s only to let y’all know what *other* content I’ve put up on the site. :)

But that’s not my big announcement.

My big announcement is, I’m writing a book!

Back when I first started this site, I noticed that there was really only one book in the entire marketplace which had to do with the low oxalate diet – the Low Oxalate Cookbook, Book 2. It is a great resource, but as of this writing, it was published nearly a decade ago. Much has changed in terms of what we know about oxalate, oxalate values of foods, and the best way to do the Low Oxalate diet since then.

Then and there, I decided to put my skills to use to create something which seemed to be very much needed; a beginner’s guide to the low oxalate diet. I wrote an outline, and even began writing the book.

Then life happened.

Those of you who know me, know that my health has been on a rollercoaster since 2010. I started this site in 2011, when my health was at a high point. But oxalates were never my only problem, and doctors (the kind ones) claimed they could not help me with any of my problems (the not-so-kind ones just told me it was all in my head). This, combined with various financial struggles in my household, conspired to force me to put my writing project on a back burner. But recently I’ve been making headway with my health, and I think I see light at the end of the tunnel. So it’s time to pick up where I left off, and give the low oxalate world what it needs!

Question is, what does it need?

Sure, I have an outline, and I know the basics of what folks need to get started with the low oxalate diet, as well as lots of tips and tricks for living with it over the long haul. But I want to make sure I don’t miss anything, because my experience is not the same as anyone else’s. Sure, I keep one eye on the conversations that go on on the Trying Low Oxalates group, but even that can only tell me so much.

So I hope you’ll take this opportunity to leave me a comment on this post, or drop me a line (michelle at oxvox dot com), and tell me what you think would be most helpful to folks beginning, or living with a low ox diet. It can be something you ran into yourself, or even something you never really got answered. Telling me about it can help ensure other low ox dieters don’t have to repeat the same mistakes we did when coming to this weird and wonderful way of eating!

One last thing – this won’t be a recipe book.

Firstly, there are already a couple of books and blogs that cover this well – not just the LO Cookbook, Book 2, but also Karla’s recently-released LOD for the Holidays recipe book. (If you’re interested in the latter, it’s a great deal AND a fundraiser, at just $15. Just email pdiericxd at yahoo dot com to order. If you’d like to see the table of contents first, make sure you’re a logged-in member of the TLO group, and check out this post.)

More importantly, though, I am actually a lousy authority on this. Due to my myriad health issues, my diet is *extremely* limited, so I really don’t have much incentive to experiment in the kitchen and cook a bunch of food I can’t even eat! While I’m hopeful that this will eventually change, I probably won’t be coming up with any recipes in the foreseeable future. So I have decided to contribute in the way that does make sense – writing this book. :)

I mention this because time and again, the thing which people bring up in my conversations with them that they need more of is recipes. I hear you, and realize that not everyone shares my fussy stomach! So please remember that I have put together this whole page of resources on low oxalate recipes.

So, what say you?

That about wraps up what I have to say. I’m really excited to finally be in a position where I can work on this project, and make a public commitment to it! (Though I’m admittedly not ready to commit to a delivery date yet. ;) ) I hope that you’ll share your ideas and needs with me in the comments section below, and I look forward to sharing my progress with you as this moves forward.


5 Responses to A Big Announcement!

  1. Roger Haigh-Jones says:

    Good luck with the book and hurry up. :-) ))


  2. Carolyn says:

    You have helped me out so much – just posting WHAT symptoms of Oxalate overload sound and feel like! I went full-bore and got sever pains in the back of one hip that come and go. Here’s a tip someone gave me to alleviate some of the pain and cramping I immediately experience thanks to my GET TO IT attitude: Tuck a bar of soap (IVORY) into bed with you or into pocket (for specific relief). Believe it or not, it DOES work!! ha.
    Thank you once again for your BLOG!

    • Michelle Fields says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      That is a very interesting tip! I can’t say I’ve ever heard it before. Do you know, is it a very old practice, or something relatively new? I would REALLY love to know how/why it works. There are so many things we don’t yet understand!

      Best of health,

  3. Carolyn says:

    Sorry, got busy.
    When I took so much calcium (which is supposed to help rid the body of oxalates, rigtht!?) I’d get dehydrated and constipated and would have charlie horses many nights. So, I went to the internet for tips because I was already drinking a bunch of water.

    Kept seeing this crazy tip for sleeping with a bar of soap down by your feet or legs. Tried it and no more sore, cramping shins.

    So, one day I was walking with my friend who noticed I was limping from the ‘oxalate dumping.’ She recommended I try tucking the bar of soap into a pocket, close to the hip that hurt so much. And, it worked! ha.

    I’m curious. Have you heard or read any crazy tip that also worked?

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