The Importance of Vitamin D in the Low Oxalate Diet

Recently, both I and one other person on the Trying Low Oxalates group ran into the same problem at about the same time – low vitamin D levels. Now, I don’t know where she lives, but if she lives in the northern latitudes, then my guess is that it is no coincidence that I observed… Continue Reading

Why the Low Oxalate Diet Isn’t Easy

If you’re just discovering the low oxalate diet, it may be the first time you’ve ever considered imposing a special diet on yourself (or a loved one). Or perhaps you’ve tried several other specialty diets before, and have been told now you need to add yet another. It doesn’t seem to matter what your previous… Continue Reading


Hello, and welcome to my site. Here you will find information about the low oxalate diet, oxalates themselves, and how they affect the human body. My name is Michelle, and I had been following a low oxalate diet for roughly a year at the time that I began this blog. Even after a year of… Continue Reading