Coconut Oil Cough? Try this!

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If you’re like me, and have found coconut oil to be a godsend, you may also have noticed that you sometimes get an annoying, back-of-the-throat, tickly cough when you eat (or even do oil pulling with) coconut oil.

While I have absolutely no idea if this is true for everyone, or even anyone but me, I can tell you how I solved the problem of coconut oil cough…

…I cut out dairy. Well, OK, all dairy except butter.

It’s funny, because it took me more than a year to figure this one out. Before I put two and two together, it seemed fairly random as to whether or not I would get the coconut oil cough on a given day. Then I took a two and a half month long hiatus from dairy (for reasons I don’t have time to go into right now). During that time, not once did I get a cough after consuming coconut oil. Of course, I didn’t actually notice this absence – isn’t it always harder to notice when something *doesn’t* happen than when it does?

But when I began adding dairy back in, even at a tiny amount (less than an ounce a day of cheese), I suddenly noticed that I would get the cough when eating coconut oil again! Once I stopped the dairy, in a couple of days the coconut oil cough was gone too.

Does this mean I’m allergic to dairy? Sensitive? Maybe it’s just a histamine thing with cheese because it’s aged, and milk wouldn’t bother me at all…I don’t know, as I haven’t tested that extensively yet. Quite frankly, dairy isn’t that important to my diet right now. I get a little, occasionally, but it’s not a staple, so I don’t miss it. I just wanted to share my discovery with y’all in the hopes that it could help someone else!

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  1. Lena says:

    I think the issue has nothing to do with coconut oil, but just the dairy. I get the cough, or the “ah, em” sound which is like a throat clearing which makes people think you are annoyed, or want their attention. Once diary is eliminated, the cough goes away.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reminding me about this post! At this point, I have done enough subsequent testing to say that it’s only AGED dairy which produces this effect. I seem to be able to eat butter, ricotta and cream cheese all day long, and not get the cough with coconut oil. I’ve been eating only these fresh things because I had to cut out aged dairy due to histamine issues. So while I still don’t know what the precise substance is that causes the cough, I can say that, at least for me, it’s only found in aged dairy, and not fresh.

  2. Cara says:

    I just had a bout of excessive joint pain, fever, bowel pain and diarhheoa after consuming a lot of almonds, cranberries, dark chocolate etc ( all high oxalate foods). When looking for a reason for my symptoms I came across this site. I now believe that I cannot tolerate consumption of high oxalate foods. Has anybody else experienced these sort of acute symptoms.

    • Michelle Fields says:

      Hi Cara,

      Short answer: you betcha! These are all pretty common symptoms of the body trying to deal with an oxalate load. I myself had several months of diarrhea before I figured out that spinach was my main culprit. Many believe that the sharp oxalate and calcium oxalate crystals are to blame for their joint pain. And if you search the archives of the Trying Low Oxalates group you’ll find many reports of fever.

      One other thing, just so visitors won’t be confused; while dark chocolate and almonds are very high in oxalate, modern testing methods have shown cranberries to fall in the low to medium range (depending upon form and serving size). So there’s at least one yummy antioxidant-rich item you don’t have to eliminate from your menu!

      Best regards,

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