Coconut Oil Cough? Try this!

Just a quick post today because I am working on other sections of the site -

If you’re like me, and have found coconut oil to be a godsend, you may also have noticed that you sometimes get an annoying, back-of-the-throat, tickly cough when you eat (or even do oil pulling with) coconut oil.

While I have absolutely no idea if this is true for everyone, or even anyone but me, I can tell you how I solved the problem of coconut oil cough…

…I cut out dairy. Well, OK, all dairy except butter.

It’s funny, because it took me more than a year to figure this one out. Before I put two and two together, it seemed fairly random as to whether or not I would get the coconut oil cough on a given day. Then I took a two and a half month long hiatus from dairy (for reasons I don’t have time to go into right now). During that time, not once did I get a cough after consuming coconut oil. Of course, I didn’t actually notice this absence – isn’t it always harder to notice when something *doesn’t* happen than when it does?

But when I began adding dairy back in, even at a tiny amount (less than an ounce a day of cheese), I suddenly noticed that I would get the cough when eating coconut oil again! Once I stopped the dairy, in a couple of days the coconut oil cough was gone too.

Does this mean I’m allergic to dairy? Sensitive? Maybe it’s just a histamine thing with cheese because it’s aged, and milk wouldn’t bother me at all…I don’t know, as I haven’t tested that extensively yet. Quite frankly, dairy isn’t that important to my diet right now. I get a little, occasionally, but it’s not a staple, so I don’t miss it. I just wanted to share my discovery with y’all in the hopes that it could help someone else!

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  1. Lena says:

    I think the issue has nothing to do with coconut oil, but just the dairy. I get the cough, or the “ah, em” sound which is like a throat clearing which makes people think you are annoyed, or want their attention. Once diary is eliminated, the cough goes away.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reminding me about this post! At this point, I have done enough subsequent testing to say that it’s only AGED dairy which produces this effect. I seem to be able to eat butter, ricotta and cream cheese all day long, and not get the cough with coconut oil. I’ve been eating only these fresh things because I had to cut out aged dairy due to histamine issues. So while I still don’t know what the precise substance is that causes the cough, I can say that, at least for me, it’s only found in aged dairy, and not fresh.

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