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14 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Marie Clowes says:

    Thank you. I’m 54 and in the UK. Been unwell for some years, eventually diagnosed as fibromyalgia. My oxalate intake was HUGE. And of course, I went cold-turkey. Improvements with LOD are small but sustained and am sure it’s for me.
    MC xx

  2. Josie Shannon says:

    I’m 53 and have suffered kidney stones my entire adult life. Been on low ox for a year or so. No stones since then which is longest reprieve yet. I go for low dose CT in a week and look fw to the results.
    My only negative is constipation. No fun at all there.

    • admin says:

      Hi Josie,

      Thanks for sharing your low oxalate diet success story! I’m so glad to hear it’s helping people avoid the pain and terror of kidney stones. I hope your CT scan returns with clear kidneys!

      I hear you on the constipation. Have you tried adding oral magnesium supplements? Most folks find these very helpful in getting their BMs softer and more regular. Just make sure to check with your doctor first for contraindications, and titrate up slowly to avoid going too far in the other direction!


  3. Deirdre Carleton says:

    Went cold turkey LOX on Feb 14 this year, and lowered my oxalates into the normal range. No dumping until now .
    Have been having constipation off and on, and anus inflammation where I am using cortisone cream to heal redness and burn. Could not think of any other reason for this but dumping. Does this sound like a dumping symptom?

    • Michelle Fields says:

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to wade through the spam and get to your comment! Yes, constipation is a common dumping symptom. Most folks find magnesium citrate can counteract this issue, but I’ll offer my usual caution; start low and slow and work your way up with it. Everyone is affected by things differently, and of course if you have kidney damage, then supplemental magnesium should be avoided. Whatever you do, don’t take Miralax! It’s well-known to create oxalates (and in large quantity).

      Best of luck,

  4. Nicky says:

    Hi Michelle. I’m in Australia and I’m 40 this year. I’ve suffered multiple and huge kidney stones over the years that have required multiple surgeries to remove. My nephrologist has recommended lowering my oxelate intake. I’ve also had 80% of my stomach removed due to cancerous polyps and I have an auto immune disease that has developed into lupus over the last couple of months. Obviously I don’t eat a huge amount and I’m struggling a little with this…are foods high in oxalate (eg spinach, almonds, hot chocolate etc) “bad” in ANY quantity, or is it the total amount of oxalate consumed? Eg is 1 round slice of carrot ok just not a whole carrot, or just the mere fact they’re a high oxelate food makes them a no go? I eat so little I’m just not sure how big an effect this will have.

  5. Lynda McLaughlin says:

    Hi…rampant kidney stones horror . I am learning from this site!! Thank you. Vegan for 7 yrs to avoid cardiac surgery. It cured my chest pain but insidious symptoms began.; Panic, body temperature malfunction, gained 25 lbs. Eating all wrong foods with accompanying blood pressure and cardiac issues. Breathing and voice issues…I am dumping after 4 days low oxalate foods. Pain in my thighs and legs . Began 1600 Mag citrate; too much. Today with food took 1200 and much better. I began wheat dextrin non gluten and citrucell for constipation. I hope this helps with the Mag.
    I still take Nattokinase; an enzyme made from soy; instead of Coumadin for blood clots. I began eating turkey a few data ago. WOW. Stomach rebelling, but will get used to it. Now I vitamix low oxalate fruit and romaine; but don’t know what kind if veggie protein to use..brown rice, pea , there are no name brands that I can get answers from! If any vegans out there, feel free to email me?? Have been an RN for 35 years and thought I had seen it all.WRONG! Thank you again for the stories, suggestions and a wonderful website.
    Lynda McLaughlin

    • Susan Carr says:

      Hi everyone. I noticed a common theme when going over your posts and that is constipation. According to Jordan Reasoner and Steven Write of SCDLifestyle whom I have trusted with my life recommend for increased bowel motility you much have a certain amount of salt, fat and probitics to combat it. NOT FIBRE this will make things worse. For ME, I must stress this was for me, he recommended 1 1/2 tsp. salt per day, 4 times the recommended GutPro pro biotic powder and 3 Tablespoons of fat added back to my meals. I added the salt, pro biotic and found I had to take MCT Oil as I couldn’t tolerate Coconut or Olive oils. But I have very little constipation issues now. I eat only vegetables and meats at the moment with very little added salt in cooking. I am 56, 5 foot 1 inch tall and weigh 56 kgs/123 lbs. I hope this helps someone. See their website and be very careful if you are self treating. Love Sue

      • Michelle Fields says:

        Hi Sue,
        Glad to hear you have found an answer to your constipation problem. We do see a good bit of constipation in those who have issues with oxalates; my best guess is that it’s lack of gut flora/diversity, but who knows how many years it will be before the research for testing such things will happen (if ever!).

        Amen on the part about being very careful if self-treating. I really don’t recommend anyone self-treat, but I’m also all too aware that finances may dictate it in some cases.

        Take care,

  6. Jane Savage says:

    Hi, I’m Jane and never heard of oxalates until I saw my renal specialist on monday. I had a gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago. I developed an ulcer and am supposed to take a prilosec every day forever. I have been on an extremely high oxalate diet due to extreme constipation all my life. I was trying to avoid surgery so started doing green smoothies. I went on a vegan diet which I loved. I don’t like meat. Strange because I live on a cattle ranch in Montana. I am allergic to eggs both yolk and white. I started reading about oxalates on the web and became very confused by conflicting information. I am at a level 3 of cronic kidney failure. I have arthritis, adhd, erosive lichen planus, anxiety disorder,
    Fibremyalgia, and a neck surgery in 1990 has left me unable to walk for more than a very short distance. I am 25% deaf in my right ear. My husband is a diabetic, and hadcancer surgery for his prostrate 4 years ago. May I use agave Iinstead of honey.

    • Michelle Fields says:

      Welcome, Jane!

      Wow, it sounds like you have had an especially rough road! I hope lowering your oxalate intake will at least help you with a few of your issues (I’ve heard of it helping fibro pain), though you will definitely want to join the Trying Low Oxalates group, as a low oxalate diet can be very challenging for a vegan. There are several vegans on the group though, and everyone’s very helpful there. If you haven’t joined already, I have instructions on how to do so here:

      As regards using agave nectar? It *is* low oxalate (according to the most recent spreadsheet, 0.63mg per Tbsp of nectar, at least for Madhava brand), but I still would not use it myself. Why? Well, that’s an entire article in itself, so I’ll let Dr. Oz explain, since he’s already written it:

      Long story short, it’s almost pure fructose which is HORRIBLE for you. Honestly, plain table sugar, which is actually slightly lower in oxalate, is a better sweetener, at least in terms of how the body reacts to it.

      If you’d like to be able to download the spreadsheet that allows you to look up oxalate values for yourself, make sure to follow the instructions on the page I linked above for joining the Trying Low Oxalates group. That’s where I get all of my info, and it’s the most comprehensive list out there (as well as coming with a great group of supportive friends for your low oxalate journey!).

      Best regards,

      • Jane Savage says:

        I posted abour my ulcer caused by the bypass earlier today and 2 others that I have gotten no reply to. Am I doing something wrong? Do l always need to post here? My Questions for today is is it okay to take my vitamins and medication at the same time. I bought a stone grinder so if I grind peas and lentils into powder is there a difference in yellow and green peas. I have been to Bob’s Red Mill and bought Tritacale. It isn’t gluten free but I am not sure I have a problem with gluten. It was just the green smoothies plan so I was following it. Could not have been worse for my Kidneys. How could l find out if Tritacale is lower in oxalates than oates. It has a little more protein than oates. I can grind that also. Thank you for the dumping advice. I am cutting down slowly. 500 to 600 which I hope is low enough to avoid more problems. How long before I can lower it again to avoid problems. I need to get to Montana where my new goat is and my grinder. I must make things I can eat. Jane

        • Jane Savage says:

          I have posted on TLO but I never see it. I posted yesterday before I sent you this. I need instructions to have these posts go somewhere beside my email. There is too much information l want to save.

          • Michelle Fields says:

            Hi again Jane!

            When you post to TLO, are you posting from the Yahoo Groups page, or are you trying to post from email? I’m not really sure where to begin troubleshooting this, but I’ll give it my best shot!


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