Low Oxalate Food Substitutions

At first glance, the low oxalate diet looks pretty restrictive. Add in the fact that many who come to this diet are already dealing with other food sensitivities and restrictions, and it can often feel overwhelming. The articles listed in this section are designed to help you in making the transition to a low oxalate diet with minimal pain and frustration!

If you’re just getting started, or are less-than-culinarily inclined, also make sure to check out my page about where to find low oxalate recipes for tons more resources.

Low Oxalate Pasta (and Noodle Substitutes) – If you’re used to relying on pasta as a staple food, the low oxalate diet can seem particularly challenging. Check out this article for tips on making the transition!

While I expect to grow this section gradually over time, I always welcome suggestions. If there’s something you’d really like to know how to substitute, be sure to leave a comment below and let me know about it.

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