Low Oxalate Noodles, and some Waffling

Low Oxalate Noodles

I’m excited to announce that, in addition to working on my low oxalate book project, I have also added new content to this site this month! Specifically, I’ve added this page about low oxalate pasta options and noodle substitutes. It’s the first in a series of pages I have planned about the various substitutions you can make as you work toward lowering the overall oxalate content of your diet. As I add them, I will be sure to list them out on my master page about low oxalate food substitutions, so be sure to bookmark that page if you’re looking for easy ways to cut down on your oxalate intake.

In addition, if you can think of something else you’d really like to know a low oxalate substitute for, whether it be a single ingredient or an entire class (like noodles), be sure to leave me a comment below.

Waffling Around

Did you know that today, March 25th, is National Waffle Day? Me neither (until just now)! I just googled around for a fun holiday, and it gave me an excuse to hook you up with a couple of low oxalate waffle recipes. I can’t claim to have tried these (though I hope someday I’ll be able to), but I figure with two to choose from, you can mix and match until you find the version that works best for your waffle iron (and taste buds).

These recipes, if you use them as written, *might* stray into medium territory, given their full tablespoons of cinnamon (I’ll admit, I haven’t done the math). It all depends on how many waffles come out of the recipe. That said, you could easily either lower the amount of cinnamon used, or substitute in cinnamon extract (which is low ox) to avoid having to worry about it. So, without further ado, check out the recipes over at Wellness Mama and Being Bethany Jane.

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