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These are sites which I have found useful in my low oxalate journey. Some are more “official,” and others are personal blogs, but they all have helpful information about both the purpose and implementation of a low oxalate diet.

General Oxalate Resources

Autism and Oxalates – This is the site which started it all for me. Some of the information is now slightly out of date, but this page was built by Susan Owens, who is the listowner of the Trying Low Oxalates group and is an awesome champion of the importance of oxalates to autism and dozens of other health issues.

Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group – The abovementioned listserv-style Yahoo Group. This is a very busy group, but also the absolute best place, bar none, to get your individual questions about oxalates and oxalate symptoms answered.

Condition-Specific Oxalate Resources

Autism Research Institute – Home of the Autism Oxalate Project (link for donations is here – make sure to check the box next to “I want my donation credited to the “Autism Oxalate Project”.

The Vulvar Pain Foundation – Publishers of The Low Oxalate Cookbook and a major source of ongoing testing of foods’ and supplements’ oxalate content. A membership helps support this work, as well as having other great benefits!

Low Oxalate Blogs

Heidi’s Blog – This is a wonderful resource! Heidi shares all sorts of awesome low oxalate recipes, and also has a great many general oxalate resource pages on her site.

While Loving Our Guts isn’t entirely about low oxalate cooking, it does contain some great resources in this category.

Drew’s Autism Recovery Diary has some really encouraging posts in its low oxalate section, which may be viewed right here. Plus, it has a really cute blog design!

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