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Legal Disclaimer

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. None of the information presented here is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician before attempting a low oxalate diet so that he or she may monitor your progress and provide testing and support as needed. The information on this site is my opinion, based on my experience, which I occasionally back up with research when I can find it. However, since I am not a trained research scientist, it is always possible that I have misinterpreted what I have read. This is why I cite source documents – those links are there so that you can either read for yourself, or print the documents to share with your healthcare team. My objective in creating this site is to share my hard-won knowledge and provide a place for others to share theirs as well, should they be so inclined; no more and no less.

Guest Posting Policy

If you would like to submit a guest post inquiry, by all means please do so! I welcome guest posting, as I believe it strengthens the low oxalate community and helps visitors find as many helpful resources as possible. I ask that guest posts be in some way related to the low oxalate diet, and that they be unique (i.e., never posted anywhere else). I also need for them have at least 400 words, and of course if you will be supplying images (which I would greatly appreciate!) that the images be legal to use.

How This Site Supports Itself

This site is monetized using affiliate programs. What this means is that when you click on a link on my site, and make a purchase at the site I’ve linked to, there is the possibility that a small commission fee will be credited back to this site. This process does not raise the price you pay for your product in any way. I greatly appreciate it when folks click through my links to make their purchases, as it will hopefully prevent me from having to plaster the site with advertisements in order to support it. :)

It is important to note that I do not earn from every purchase made through this site; in other words, I link to sites which do credit commissions, but I also link to those which do not, so that my visitors have the broadest possible range of products and prices from which to choose.

Some of the affiliate programs to which I belong include, but are not limited to, Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareASale, iHerb and Tropical Traditions. In my text, you will occasionally see me recommending one brand over another. I do this based solely upon my personal experience with a given brand – NOT because one brand pays me a better commission. :) When I have no personal recommendation to share, I will sometimes share second-hand experiences (usually gleaned from the Trying Low Oxalates group) or merely present the different brands and gather for you as many facts as I can about them, so that you may make your own decision.

Donations Policy

At the end of every calendar year, if this site has earned more than it has cost me to operate, I will make a donation to the Autism Oxalate Project equal to 5% of the site’s net profits. These donations help fund the testing of oxalate content for new foods and supplements, as well as re-testing of items using newer, more precise technology. This is just one more great reason to make sure to purchase through links on this site as often as possible!

Comment Policy

I also welcome comments on all of my pages, including those which talk about products. While I didn’t design this site as a review site as such, I believe very strongly in the value of anecdotal evidence. So if you’ve had a personal experience with a product, be it good, bad or indifferent, please share! Not every food or supplement is good for every person at every stage of their healing process, so the more data we can gather and present to our fellow low oxalate dieters, the better. I do have the site set up to hold all first-time commenters’ posts, but this is merely to prevent spam or abusive comments. Rest assured that your comment will be received and posted as long as you are civil and not a spambot. :)

Email Policy

The comment form on this site asks you for your email address, but putting your email address there DOES NOT sign you up for my mailing list, nor will your email ever be used or displayed when you use it solely for commenting. I do hope you’ll join my mailing list, however! At the top right of every page is a sign-up form for my mailing list. I will never use your email address to spam you or to sell to another person or entity. If you join my email list you can expect to receive updates about new site content, as well as other occasional perks like entry into drawings or other yet-to-be-determined extras.

Privacy Policy

A big, boring, legalese version may be found here. What it says in human-speak, however, is basically that yes, some parts of this site use cookies to track visitors. For instance, my analytics program uses a cookie to see which pages you visit and for how long. Information like this helps me know which parts of the site are helpful to my visitors, and which parts need improvement. This information is delivered to me in aggregate so as to protect my visitors’ privacy. In other words, I have no idea what your name is, and no way of finding out from my analytics program. Other tracking cookies may be placed on your computer by other web sites (for example, Amazon) if you click through a link here to their site. Those tracking cookies I have no control over, and they are governed by the privacy policies of the site which places them, not OxVox.

If you have any questions about information on this page, or any other aspect of this site, feel free to contact me and ask them using my contact page.

I wish you the best of luck on your healing journey,


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