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  1. Rick Ragan says:

    What do you take for probiotics?

    • admin says:

      Hi Rick,

      I currently do not take any probiotics at all. Having had a negative run-in with them in the past, I’m understandably hesitant to give them another go at me. :) That’s not to say they don’t work for others; I’m sure they do. I just have almost no positive personal experience to draw on with them, so I can’t name any that have worked well for me.


  2. Rick Ragan says:

    Michelle I would like you to respond to this comment. Please send your response to my above e-mail. I can’t buy just throwing probiotics into you system especially in the amounts that Susan is recommending. If you have reasonably established flora but lack the one that does the great job of oxalate cleaning I don’t think the massive dose Susan is suggesting would be healthy. Maybe if you are on high dose antibiotics but even then I don’t know if I would do it. Without the good one (can’t remember the name)your reasonably established flora will do the same job as you get by throwing in more and more of the same thing you already have enough of! The only way you can really improve your situation would be the transplant. Your thoughts?

    • admin says:


      I’m not a big fan of probiotics either, but I know that they do help some people in some cases. I would just caution anyone who is prone to constipation (or who sees it develop whenever taking probiotics) to scale back or stop them, because that’s how I wound up with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

      The reality, though, is that probiotics could never replace all the strains killed off by antibiotics. There are probably a few dozen strains approved as probiotics right now (if that), and antibiotics kill hundreds or even thousands of strains. So yes, the transplant (FMT or fecal microbiota transplant) is currently the only way I know of to try to replace the true diversity we should have in our guts. I’m hoping to do a few posts or articles about this very topic, but I haven’t had much time left over for this site lately. All my time is devoted to trying to make ends meet! :(


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