This is the intro page about supplements for the low oxalate diet. If you don’t see the topic you are interested in below, please drop me a line via my contact page, and I will add it to my list of topics to write about!

Basic Supplements for the Low Oxalate Diet

Let me be clear; technically, you don’t need any supplements in order to start the low oxalate diet. However, it is highly likely that, as time passes and as you lower your level of oxalate intake, you’ll see certain symptoms appearing. That is when you’ll want the information contained in these pages, which is why I recommend reading them in the order given below. Then, when you begin having oxalate dumping symptoms, come back and read them again…they’ll make even more sense at that point. :)

What supplements are needed, how much, and when is a highly individualized matter, and it can be somewhat hit-or-miss even with the best guidance. An Organic Acids Test (OAT) can be instructive when interpreted by Susan Owens, as it can reveal many deficiencies. However, this is a somewhat expensive test ($325 the last time I had one run), so those of us who are not rich or don’t have the best of health insurance will often have to go by other indicators such as symptoms or other tests run by our doctors, and simply monitor how well or poorly we respond to various supplements when we try them.

You will find a list very similar to what is on the pages listed below in the files section of the Trying Low Oxalates (TLO) group in the files section. I have used that as a basis for my list here, but I have rearranged it, as well as adding personal commentary where I feel it may be helpful. I have also added a few things that have been discovered more recently but that have not yet made it into that file. However, if you have any questions about supplements, be sure to make use of the incredibly valuable resource that is the TLO group. Trust me, every day there are people asking questions about supplements – how much, how often, with or without food, and so forth. It’s normal, it’s natural, and most of all, you’ll learn a lot just by asking!

Mineral Supplements for the Low Oxalate Diet

B Vitamins for the Low Oxalate Diet

Other Supplements and Helps for the Low Oxalate Diet

Supplements and Medications to Avoid on the Low Oxalate Diet

The following pages are specific to each supplement. I add to this list as I learn and have time. These pages go into much greater detail than those above, and I am also able to go into more detail about what has and has not worked for me personally, including specific forms and dosages. You are welcome to read these at any time, but they will likely make more sense the longer you spend on the diet. Having a personal experience with some of the dumping symptoms discussed will give you a whole new appreciation for the power of each supplement!


2 Responses to Supplements

  1. Rick Ragan says:

    What helped you when you had sleep issues?

    • admin says:

      Hi Rick,

      Various things have helped with my sleep issues at different times. The most annoying thing is when you find something that works, but then it eventually stops working. Then you have to go hunting for what your body wants now!

      Specifically, calcium (I usually take citrate or lactate forms), magnesium, B6, p5p, adding carbohydrates back into my diet (when I was very low carb) and even pancreatin have helped at various times. I often feel like I’m shooting in the dark, but calcium and b6 are the first things I try.

      Hope this helps,

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