The WHY of Low Oxalates

Whether you’ve only just discovered the existence of oxalates, or you’re trying to do some deep research into the low oxalate diet, this section will contain articles regarding why oxalates are a problem for the human body.

Articles in this section:
Is This the Kidney Stone Diet?
What Are Oxalates?

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  1. I’m new here. I saw my. Urologist. He wants me on the low Oxalate. Diet !! I also. Have Diabetes. Type 2 Have also had Breast. Cancer & also have. Inflamatory. Arthritis I am scared about being. On this low oxalate Diet is my best bet to go to a Diatician !!?? Please Help??

    • admin says:

      Hi Genevieve,

      No need to get scared! Also, most dieticians are not very useful with regards to oxalates; many haven’t heard of oxalate, and those who have don’t generally have an accurate, up-to-date list of foods on which to base recommendations.

      Never fear, that’s why I made this site! Simply follow the instructions toward the bottom of this page to gain admittance to the Trying_Low_Oxalates Yahoo Group, where you can download the most current list available. Once you have the list, here’s a whole page on how to read it. Then check out my page on starting the low oxalate diet – ESPECIALLY the part about lowering your oxalates SLOWLY. I can’t emphasize that enough!

      There’s a little bit of a learning curve, but being able to ask questions on the Yahoo Group will help you immensely! I should also mention that some members of that group have reported improved blood sugar control, once they get the hang of the low oxalate diet. Maybe you’ll be one of those lucky folks as well. :)

      Hope this helps,

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